It’s O.K. to be Cheesy…Sometimes

Michael Buble’ at Canterbury

Not too long ago, while visiting Canterbury, England, my husband surprised me by announcing he had purchased us tickets to see Michael Bubble’ in concert. “But you don’t like Michael Buble’,” I replied. “You say he’s cheesy.” My spouse then admitted he, in fact, likes the singer, but was heretofore embarrassed to admit it. We went to the concert and had a fabulous time with hundreds of other people — from parents with their children, to young singles, to middle-aged and even old folks. We were all celebrating feel-good things like love, and relationships, and family, and birds and butterflies. And no one seemed embarrassed.
Somehow people have come to be of the opinion that it is only O.K. to like entertainment that is cynical and negative. Smart is equated with jaded and edgy. We are afraid to admit we like something that is positive or affirming, lest we be thought to be not intellectual. I fear that the negative, louder, members of society are silencing the optimists.

Not that I am encouraging being shallow; heaven knows TikTok and Instagram are flooded with the demonstration of a lack of thinking or depth. But, maybe, we should not be afraid to embrace a little positivity — listen to happy music, read a feel-good book or life-affirming biography, or (gasp) bask in a good romantic comedy. Take a picnic lunch, put on some Michael Buble’, and watch the bees, birds and butterflies. Life can be good!

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